Thursday, December 23, 2010


In a day that everything went wrong, and I really am not exaggerating... it began with falling asleep on boxes last night and forgetting to set my alarm for this morning.  It ended with trying to get my broken phone replaced because of a faulty and inconsistent ringer problem.  When I explained the problem (my phone not ringing) it magically started to ring.  I was on tech support for 30 minutes pleading my case, when finally, they agreed to replace my phone.  I felt the illusion of good luck for 20 seconds, until the tech support person said, "oh, shit."  My warranty ended two days prior.  TWO DAYS. phone. 

Anyway, that wasn't even the worst part of my day...but I won't go into that.  If it wasn't for this one student, I would most likely be curled up in the fetal position, listening to Joni Mitchell, sobbing... pathetically.
Students were bringing in little gifts all week for Christmas and I was writing thank-you notes and handing them out periodically.  This morning was the last day before break.  This wonderfully, kind hearted student came into class today, smiling.  Just to give you a little background... last year, this student's father died on his birthday...the anniversary being only a few days ago.  They don't have much at home.  He walked over to my desk and handed me a package of poptarts.  He said, "I wanted to get you something."  I gave him a thank-you note later and he proudly put it in his pocket and carried it around. When I asked him if he was doing anything special over break, he told me he was happy because the church brought over a box of food.  This student gave me poptarts, most likely a part of the food box that his family was given.  He gave me what is most likely a treat to him, something he doesn't normally have.  He literally gave me what he had. 

That's what this season is about.

Honestly, after crying, I contemplated giving up veganism to eat these poptarts.  Instead, I think I'll have them framed or preserved in some way.  Ha.

Merry Christmas.    

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